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If you are someone who plans on getting from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island in Australia for a short trip, we have gathered some of the most important activities lined up for you. From delightful wildlife to fascinating sand dunes, there is so much you can do at Kangaroo Island to make your trip worthy. Let’s find out why you should visit Kangaroo Island and what can you do there to make your trip a memorable one.

Things to do at Kangaroo Island

  • Flinders Chase National Park: One of the famous attractions at Kangaroo Island is the Flinders Chase National Park which almost covers the entire western side of the island. If you love adventures, then this is your place to be as one can explore the forests, watercourses and get on to the hiking tracks. This national park is also very much known as a key spot for wild life species.
  • Seal Bay Conservation Park Tour: One can come here and learn about these creatures and watch them surf on the water. If you’d like to get more details about the famous creatures, you can stop by at the Visitor Center to learn more about their habitat.
  • Vivonne Bay: For all those water lovers out there, if you haven’t visited Vivonne Bay as yet, this is your time to reach here right now as it is one of the top beaches in Australia that one shouldn’t be missing at all. The crystal clear water and extra white sand is a beautiful spot for those willing to spend some time out at the sun. Famous activities that are often seen here are fishing and sunbathing.
  • Cave Tour: The limestone cave system is one of the popular sites to check out at the Kelly Hill Park. For those who are seeking for a exhilarating opportunity can go do a headlamp and climb through the underground network for the adventurous outback tour of the cave. And if you are someone who is claustrophobic, the cave has something for you to do as well by walking though the trail that is right above the ground. From there, you can continue to hike towards the Hanson Bay as well.

So now that you know what you can do when you are on your way from Adelaide to kangaroo islands, it is suggested to get in touch with the tour companies who will guide you and give you a whole new experience of the Australian islands.

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